Cleaning-in-Place is the on-site automatic cleaning of production facilities. CIP is a less labour-intensive process with an easier to apply quality control than for manual cleaning processes. After all, your plant's CIP cleaning process is automated and standardised. The advantage is that a PLC and an extensive sensor network continuously monitor critical parameters of the cleaning process, such as temperature, pressure, conductivity and Total Organic Carbon (TOC). 


We can also sterilise production facilities of sterile or low bioburden products on site and automatically. In Sterilisation-in-Place, pure steam (clean steam) is injected into the plant, so that the condensation releases the necessary sterilising heat. Via PLC, temperature and pressure control, these SIP systems are also 100% automated

CIP/SIP – Advipro @ your service

  • Designing and qualifying CIP/SIP systems 
  • Cleaning validation 
  • Sterilisation validation 
  • Test equipment to perform on-site validation 

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