With over 20 years of experience, Advipro is the ideal partner for manufacturing companies to ensure high-quality transportation and secure storage of products, focusing on quality preservation. With our extensive know-how and deep-rooted expertise, we provide valuable support to numerous (pharmaceutical) manufacturing companies serving clients in the life sciences industry.

Why choose Advipro as your expert in storage & distribution?

Just as crucial as the production process itself is the transportation of products from the manufacturing site to the end consumer. This distribution process can significantly impact the quality of the final product. To consistently ensure this quality, it's essential to monitor factors like temperature and humidity during transportation. Advipro supports this process, starting with a risk assessment to provide necessary advice on maintaining product and medication quality during distribution.

Consultancy and Project Support

While knowledge and awareness of proper storage and transportation of products within the industry are often present, compliance issues (deviation management, good documentation practices, change control, etc.) from end clients pose greater challenges for most distribution companies. Limited quality control and restricted project management in smaller firms sometimes prevent them from meeting quality requirements. This is where Advipro steps in. We provide project support to enable smaller companies to meet the expectations of the life sciences industry. How do we achieve this? By deploying experts with specific segment expertise or conducting training sessions to enhance awareness of GxP standards.


Ensuring high-quality products even after storage and transportation

The expertise of an independent party like Advipro in distribution and storage processes is essential to maintain the quality of transported products. With our expert support and knowledge, manufacturing companies can rely on their logistics partners to ensure correct storage and transportation of their products. The synergy between Advipro and its clients is a crucial element in striving for more efficient, higher-quality, and more effective operations.

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