With over 20 years of experience, Advipro is the perfect partner to support hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies with specialized knowledge in PIC/S guidelines, current Good Manufacturing Practices, operational procedures, risk assessments, validations, quality systems, audit preparation, diverse training programs, and more.

Through our extensive expertise, Advipro has assisted numerous hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies in various projects, from advising on new cleanroom construction to conducting particle counting in existing facilities. By conducting thorough analyses of design, documentation, measurements, and user information, we consistently enhance quality for both employees and the services/products delivered.

Our approach within hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies

Sometimes, as a staff member, it's easy to lose sight of the big picture when it comes to implementing new technologies, guidelines, or best practices. However, to maintain competitiveness and uphold standards equal to or better than other hospitals, laboratories, or pharmacies, it's crucial to anticipate innovation and support continuous improvement.

Working in an innovative and validated production environment requires ensuring quality throughout the implementation of improvements. Every decision made can impact the final deployment.

Advipro provides support throughout the entire process.

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Improving Service and Product Quality

Experts at Advipro stay updated on the latest developments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including regulations, quality systems, design, and technology. They are trained to implement this knowledge in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and other settings, helping each organization strive for a culture of improvement and innovation.

Ensuring optimal quality often benefits from an external partner who can offer a fresh perspective on current operations. Through robust monitoring, method development, and validation, you can trust that delivered products and services maintain the highest standards of quality.

By evaluating and optimizing a client's current processes, this approach eliminates ambiguities, fosters future readiness, and improves cost-efficiency.

Efficiency Improvements

Advipro has years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, where strict regulations and large, complex projects are commonplace. This foundation positions Advipro's team well to translate pharmaceutical sector principles and established methods to the hospital sector, which faces similar problems and uncertainties but with distinct regulatory and operational needs.

Advipro provides consultancy for optimizing the efficient flow of people and goods within cleanrooms, ensuring high standards of air purification, interpreting regulations, developing cleaning methods, and more. These efforts save time, reduce contamination risks, and support informed decision-making. Advipro also develops quality documents such as user requirements and procedures, and implements training programs to enable client staff to perform tasks efficiently and safely.

An essential aspect of pharmaceutical production and operation involves ensuring reproducibility through documented processes. This necessitates meticulous management of information and documents including certificates, user manuals, test results, work procedures, risk analyses, change management, qualification and validation reports, and more.

Advipro excels in maintaining all this information up to date, well-organized, and audit-ready, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance.


Collaborating with stakeholders in healthcare

Depending on the projects our experts engage in, we collaborate with various contacts within hospitals, laboratories, or pharmacies.

Pharmacists in hospitals or pharmacies

Often, it's the chief or industry pharmacists who can appreciate the added value of Advipro. They understand the quality requirements certain processes demand but often find it challenging to stay updated on all required innovations and industry advancements. An independent expert can provide them with high-quality advice.

Laboratory staff

Quality control and management often begin in the laboratory. At Advipro, we provide support in Quality Control & Quality Assurance to deliver the highest product quality. Our experts are well-versed in laboratory environments, fostering successful collaborations with hospital laboratory managers.

Department heads and operational managers

Validating processes, equipment, and optimizing projects are daily concerns for operational managers and department heads in hospitals. They frequently recognize the value of an independent partner for additional expertise.

Enhance your processes in the healthcare

The expertise of an independent partner like Advipro in hospitals and pharmacies is not a luxury, but rather a necessity in a rapidly changing sector. By collaborating with various experts, hospitals and pharmacies can optimize their processes, enhance the quality of medications, and ensure financial sustainability. The synergy between staff and consultants is a crucial element in striving for more efficient, higher-quality, and more effective operations.