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Manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical sector are complex. Certainly in combination with support services, such as quality, engineering, qualification & validation and CMC. Difficult to keep an overview of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Benchmarking at Advipro does the magic. 


An overview of the cGMP 

A benchmark provides an opportunity to learn from the good practices of similar companies in a neutral environment. More: Advipro moderates a benchmark around various topics at your request with the aim of knowledge sharing and networking. And that is a nice extra. Topics covered in the past: 

  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Cleanroomtesting 
  • Paperless validation 


Benchmarking – Advipro @ your service 

  • Comparison across different state-of-the-art companies
  • Neutral discussion with competitors
  • Objective view of situations
  • Sector-wide benchmark 

Do you like to benchmark with other companies on a cGMP topic?