Chips are indispensable in the devices we use daily, such as computers, smartphones, and even medical equipment. Semiconductors are crucial in electronics and are becoming faster, smaller, and cheaper. However, what matters most is the quality of chips. The way they are produced and the environment in which they are manufactured directly impact the quality of the end product.

Our approach

In high technology, producing in a controlled environment is crucial. Minimizing airborne particles is essential to prevent them from affecting the chips' quality significantly.

An HVAC system is vital for regulating heat dissipation, ventilation, and cooling within the facility. Analyzing HVAC system quality allows our MoVE team to validate cleanrooms using particle counting.

How Advipro can deliver added value

Advipro brings over 20 years of expertise to support and advise engineering teams in improving their microelectronics capabilities. For quality teams in high technology and semiconductor industries, Advipro plays a crucial role in driving improvements through project support. We provide comprehensive assistance to teams dedicated to ensuring a high-quality semiconductor production process.

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Additionally, Advipro offers training essential for ensuring semiconductor quality throughout the entire production process. We provide cleanroom behavior training for engineering and quality teams, ensuring they understand cleanroom operations and adopt behaviors that support product quality.

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Quality Assurance in Microelectronics and High Technology

A production process aiming for high-quality end products? Much hinges on the environment in which semiconductors are manufactured. Advipro assists engineering teams and quality managers in establishing the suitable cleanroom as a production environment, validating particles and minimizing their impact on the product.


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