Our experts in biotechnology dedicate themselves daily to innovation and technological advancement. We focus on growth and development through market analysis. Leveraging our expertise in controlled manipulation of living components, we contribute to enhancing the quality of life for humans, animals, and the environment.

Biotechnological optimizations - How Advipro approaches it

Biotechnology demands a specialized approach. Our experts with backgrounds in biotechnology and biochemistry are deeply versed in the chemical processes preceding biological life. Their insights provide significant value in studying these complex processes.

Research & Development

At Advipro, we prioritize development. Successful biotechnology development involves extensive preliminary research. Through collaborations with various companies, research institutions, and independent entities, we offer insights to optimize R&D efforts.

Quality Control in Biotech

Our experts in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Product Support are trained to enhance the development of biotechnological products. Their advanced understanding of biotechnological processes has elevated the operations of numerous organizations.

Cleanroom Validation

Collaborating with stakeholders in biotechnology

Depending on the projects our experts are involved in, we collaborate with various contacts at biotechnology companies or companies with biotech divisions.

(Project) Managers or Intermediaries

Our consultants and experts are often sought after for highly specific biotechnological installations or projects. In these cases, direct communication typically occurs with the project manager or responsible individual who is most informed about the collaboration expectations regarding biotechnological processes.

HR Department or HR Manager

Consulting often involves hiring temporary expertise for specific projects, which is why HR typically plays a crucial role. At Advipro, we frequently work with the HR manager because they are adept at screening candidates, ensuring the right match for each biotechnology project.

CEO or General Manager

Final decisions regarding project-based hires often rest with the CEO or at the executive level. Discussions usually begin with project stakeholders to identify project needs and how an Advipro expert can effectively meet them.